Judging & Fair Rules

2011 Winners


Winners Place Project School
Michael Sun 1st Water Waste Not Want Not St. Ignatius
Ariana Bain 2nd Parachute Triple C
Joshua McLaughlin
& Antonio Angel
3rd Hovercraft Triple C


Life Science Including:
Micro - biology, botany or zoology

Winners Place Project School
Sabrina Weber 1st Does detergent affect plant growth? GCA
Ashleigh Josephs 2nd Does sound affect memory? CHHS
Markus Lake 3rd Germ Invasion FBCS


Earth Science Including:
Environment, weather, astronomy and ecology

Winners Place Project School
Kathleen Gracey 1st Fluoride in our Water Triple C
Marissa Towell 2nd Solar Cooking Montessori
Matthew Guitard 3rd Which type of water will rust a steel joint fastest? CIS


Food & Health

Winners Place Project School
Abigail Natasha Lindsay 1st Is Cayman's Water Safe to drink and swim in? GCA
Connor Hoeksema
& Tsin Zan Graham
2nd Plastic food containers TO MICROWAVE OR NOT CIS
Gabriela Roberts 3rd Best tasting water IN CAYMAN St. Ignatius


Computer Science

Winners Place Project School
Eden Anyabwile 2nd Generating a Sudoka puzzle using HTML and JavaScript FBCS