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Benefits to Be Derived from Completing a Science Fair Project

Science fair projects are an enjoyable way to gain valuable science experience. Students who complete science fair projects tend to acquire skills such as independent research, analytical thinking, and creative problem solving. The following are additional benefits.

1. Developing creativity,

2. Experience in documenting, collecting and analyzing data,

3. Experience in making oral and written presentations,

4. Developing tenacity and confidence ... It doesn't work; ...It doesn't work; ...It works! ... EUREKA!

5. Increased self esteem,

6. Discovering that there are many good science fair projects.

7. Helping you decide which career to enter,

8. Developing interviewing skills,

9. High school science fair projects are accomplishments to put on a college application or job resume,

10. Discovering that science is fun (Of all the benefits to be derived from completing a science project, discovering that science is fun is by far the most important.), and

11. Your completed science project can continue as a basis for further research while you attend college. (Keep in mind that most science projects are not an end per se, but suggest more research culminating in another science project)


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